Monday, October 31, 2005

A Day In The Park

Saturday, October 29, 2005

We took our niece Cadence to the park. She loves to be outdoors and loves to play on the swings. They had some really big slides that we didn’t think she would go down but, with a little encouragement from Sam, (and a promise to catch her) she mastered the “lide a lides!” (Slides)

Holly Says: My niece is really cute. She is a little shy around Sam and I thought she wouldn’t have a very good time. Boy was I wrong! She warmed right up to him and at one point on the swings she said, “I’m having so much fun!” She was so cute! Sam went to the car to get some Kleenex to wipe her sticky, cotton candy hands with and she freaked out! She wouldn’t go down the slide without him there and yelled across the park when he finally came back, “Untoo Sam!” I can’t wait to go back to the park again!

Sam Says: I enjoyed taking Cadence to the park with Holly it was a little like warming up for our own kids one day, I had to be the enforcer every now and then but she was SO good and well behaved. I’m afraid that she’s giving me a false (as in well behaved) impression of kids. They’re pretty cute.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Keepin' It Reel! (Oh Please!)

Sam says: Now, I’ve been fishing before, not much, but I have been. So, I wear this classy green number with pride and say, “I am ‘keepin' it reel!’ and so should you!” I’d also like to comment on Holly’s very trendy fashion magazine style photography, good job baby.

Holly says: I think I sneezed when I took this picture, thus the “fuzzy” look. By the way, I HATE this stupid shirt! Who comes up with ideas for shirts like this anyways? And worse yet, who buys these ridiculous shirts? Oh wait, that would be my husband. Sigh.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

English Style Indian in Las Vegas

An Indian dish “Chicken Korma” is the number one meal in England, strange but true. They have had Indian food in the UK for a very long time so they have developed their own style of Indian food. So when Holly spotted an Indian restaurant that was offering “London Style Cuisine” I was very excited, here’s what we thought of the place.

Sam Says “I ordered Tandoori chicken which is marinated chicken on the bone. The chicken is cooked in an authentic clay oven and was tender and full of flavor. We were also given a sample of their rice pudding to try. It was some of the best rice pudding I’ve had and very unique. The manager also gave us directions to Las Vegas’s Indian market and I am very excited to visit.”

Holly Says, “The food was AMAZING! The owner grinds her own spices, makes everything from scratch, and doesn’t use any food dye. What a labor of love for she has taken to making her restaurant authentic and high quality. Now that is what I call a love for food, and a passion for the art of cooking! I am happy Sam has found someplace that he can go, ‘for a curry’.” I have to comment on Sam’s “best rice pudding he’s had.” Sam is always telling me how much he HATES nuts so when I took a bite of the rice pudding, I knew instantly it had ground pistachio nuts! Without letting him know about this, I asked him how he liked it and he said he, “really liked it.” I laughed and told him it had nuts in it. I think he says he likes it just to save face and not give me the satisfaction of gloating! BRAT!!!

Kohinoor Indian Cuisine

730 E. Flamingo Rd

Las Vegas, NV, 89119

Hours: 1130am-230pm, 530pm-1030pm Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Monday

Phone: 702 894 9334