Monday, October 31, 2005

A Day In The Park

Saturday, October 29, 2005

We took our niece Cadence to the park. She loves to be outdoors and loves to play on the swings. They had some really big slides that we didn’t think she would go down but, with a little encouragement from Sam, (and a promise to catch her) she mastered the “lide a lides!” (Slides)

Holly Says: My niece is really cute. She is a little shy around Sam and I thought she wouldn’t have a very good time. Boy was I wrong! She warmed right up to him and at one point on the swings she said, “I’m having so much fun!” She was so cute! Sam went to the car to get some Kleenex to wipe her sticky, cotton candy hands with and she freaked out! She wouldn’t go down the slide without him there and yelled across the park when he finally came back, “Untoo Sam!” I can’t wait to go back to the park again!

Sam Says: I enjoyed taking Cadence to the park with Holly it was a little like warming up for our own kids one day, I had to be the enforcer every now and then but she was SO good and well behaved. I’m afraid that she’s giving me a false (as in well behaved) impression of kids. They’re pretty cute.


Blogger earthwulf said...

Hey, just hitting some random blogs and I noticed the park pictures. I was wondering if that was Henderson.. my wife, son and I recently moved from there, funny seeing the ol stomping grounds again.

8:52 PM, November 02, 2005  
Blogger Sam "DaMule" said...

Hi Earthwulf, nice of you to stop by, sorry to say that it's not Henderson but east Las Vegas ( Map

7:20 AM, November 03, 2005  

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